Monday, June 16, 2008

Regional armpits unite against Bruce thingie

Yes, a very interesting article. This follows the Cleveland objection. All these people who live along the St. Clair River are objecting. But the truth is, that a good dose of radioactivity could improve these places!

I just love the quotes!

Marie Wilson, spokeswoman for Ontario Power Generation, said there is little to worry about because the project is in an investigative stage and far from a final decision.

With that reasoning, you should never comment about it, even though the period for comments is closing.

"We had some excellent, excellent indications that the expectations for the rock properties are what we expected," she said. "There's a growing consensus among the geoscientific community that the repository site is very suitable."

Ha! They don't release those results, so the only people that are supportive, are those who get a lot of money! They never did say what they 'expected', so they can always move this target.

She would not speculate about what scientists could discover to derail the project.

There is nothing they could discover, which cannot be spinned, under the closed, expertly filtered system. Here's an imaginary example: "We have found that the massively fractured rock, provides a low-stress environment for our repository. The water is stagnant, since we have not put in a repository yet, which is a long time from now."

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