Friday, June 20, 2008

Radioactive Waste-land

The hysteria continues to be pumped up, about the Bruce Deep Geology Thingie. Luckily, it's only the crazy Americans.

Even though this waste thing is the most craziest idea ever, and has every appearance of being a total fiasco, it's not going to leak much. Luckily for us, radioactive particles are darn hard to spread around (unless you have a nuclear air blast!). The lighter particles such as Carbon 14, and Tritium instantly dilute themselves, and the heavy particles such as plutonium just sink.

If I were to design the ultimate dirty dispersal medium, which would be C-14 bucky-balls enclosing a Strontium atom, I would have a tough time. I could pour it right into the pristine water of Lake Huron, and it would spread everywhere, but it would never make it through the St. Clair River. That's because the open sewers, chemical waste and Zebra Mussels would mop everything up, and put it in to the gunky loon shit of the bottom.

I once went in a tiny submarine (on my picture) in Lake Ontario, off the Humber River. The shit-snow was incredibly heavy, so that you could hardly see!

Most likely, the Bruce thing will just be an economic disaster, just like the Beck tunnel. The biggest environmental effect will be the tons of grout they have to inject, which is pure carbon into the air! But I'll bet this issue doesn't get into the hearings!

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