Sunday, June 15, 2008

Nuclear sound-bite of the year!

"A nuclear fuel bundle is the most lethal object on Earth," said Gordon Edwards of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility, who suggests a Chernobyl-type disaster could as easily happen at Gentilly 2 as anywhere else. "As we all know, accidents will happen."

Cited article.

OMG! Who can win in a sound-bite war? That's why I stay out of them, these guys are way too good! Still, none of these guys have quoted me.....


Harbles said...

Intertubes are acting up,,%22%20said%20Gordon%20Edwards%20of%20the%20Canadian%20Coalition%20for%20Nuclear%20Responsibility,%20who%20suggests%20a%20Chernobyl-type%20disaster%20could%20as%20easily%20happen%20at%20Gentilly%202%20as%20anywhere%20else.%20%22As%20we%20all%20know,%20accidents%20will%20happen.%22

does not open for us plebes.

Nuclear fuel bundle most lethal?

Black widow spider venom ?

Harold Asmis said...

There, fixed it! I think the most lethal object in the world is a rock!