Monday, May 5, 2008

'Totally Political' Ontario to decline

Here is another voice telling Ontario to wake up! You can't have a high-tech province without some active intelligence! You've got to know where you are going, and what you need to get there.

Unfortunately, Ontario is totally in the grip of political weasels and toadies. They are deciding the nuclear thing, for heaven's sake! And they are totally in charge of where the new nuclear is going to go, and what to do with the nuclear waste. Do they have any incentive to be competent? Nope!

And what if we are all moping about and we get an earthquake? All the nails for the coffin get slammed in at once!

What to do? We need to attack the future more aggressively. We can't have this 'Port Hope Attitude' of being against everything! What the heck are windmills and solar farms going to do for us? All the subsidies are just driving up costs. Do you think they'll be any use in the world's dullest (wind and sun) province?

And cars! Forget cars as an engine of growth! All the brains are in Tokyo, waiting for their own earthquake. We don't do much here if our dollar stays high.

We need to have some thinkers work on this in an open and transparent manner. Otherwise I see this whole place sinking into a nice place to retire, and fish from the dock! :)

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