Friday, May 2, 2008

Revenge of the old guys

Lots of people jumping from the good ship AECL. Where are the new guys?


Anonymous said...

AECL has been on a hiring spree for the past several years. After some layoffs in 2002/2003, they decided it was time to start rehiring again:

2005 – 3,221 (full-time employees)
2006 – 3,604
2007 – 4,135
2008 – 4,800+

A 50% increase in employees. All those fresh minds & faces running around....and yet the NRU is still late & way over budget.

What are all those extra bodies up to?

Maybe they're gearing up to build some new reactors....or make certain business units more attractive for a sale.

And those 'old guys'. I'm betting that most of them will be back as very-very-well-paid consultants when those reactors get built.

On time.
On budget.

Harold Asmis said...

I have no idea what those people are doing!