Friday, May 16, 2008

Long Weekend is Here!

Yahoo! Going up to the bug-infested cottage to open it up! I won't be writing much, but this summer I'm supposed to get broad-band! Wow!

Hopefully the news slows down for the summer. These past 2 weeks have been awesome, what with the China earthquake, and the AECL, CNSC things, as well as Brucie! I don't expect such action again until the fall.

Keep up the good ad clicking! I'm raking in about a penny a month! I'll write about some of the cottage and fishing things for a while.


Harbles said...

Well when u get back set your A/V system to catch What's That About? - "Power Quest" a program on Discovery Channel that has an item about the refurbishment of Bruce 1 & 2 ( in hi Def if u got).

Monado said...

Yay! Where, approxomately, is the cottage? I keep hoping for my cousins in South River to get broadband.

Harold Asmis said...

I'm near Apsley. They just put up the tower and I have a perfect view from the cottage! They aren't hooking up yet, probably have to ensure a chain of towers.