Friday, May 16, 2008

Canada in space

This is a feel-good article, after we have learned the sad news of the Maple reactor. We're developing a Canadian cluster of space intelligence, and it makes me happy.


Harbles said...

I have yet to hear any comment from you on the blocked sale of MDA .

I agree that a company that has recieved large ammounts of Canadian Govt. cash to develop the world class Radar Sat II should not be allowed to just sell it off to the Americans. However where will the ongong investment in new technologies come from if not from the Government?

Harold Asmis said...

I wasn't following that story. I really don't believe in this 'crown jewels' thing, most of the time it's piece of crap! I believe in local clusters such as the Nortel cluster in Ottawa, and this space cluster here. Even if you sell off a company, the cluster can remain, not like the bad old days of the Arrow, where everybody had to pick up and leave Canada. The modern world allows talent to stay where they are happiest.