Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bruce Nuclear likes these locations

After I found out about the duck pond, I decided to look at the seismicity and geology, and see why the Peace River is there in the first place.

Imagine my absolutely total surprise, when I discovered they were in a very hot seismic zone, where there has been absolutely no seismic monitoring! In fact they are in that dead zone right beside the big monster earthquake. I think they can now use the same line that they have for Bruce: "Although we are located right on the Grenville Front, nobody's felt anything 'round here for years!"

In fact, when you look at the structural lineament map for that area, the picture is even more fun for me! I just can wait for the next thing ... maybe a high density of UFO sitings?

But as Sir Doug likes to put it: "If you're against this project, you're misinformed!" So, I'm, like, totally, not against it!

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