Sunday, March 30, 2008

Too lazy to hack Linux

Linux survives the hacking contest! The funniest thing was reading some of the Apple extremists saying the only reason the Apple was hacked first was that the mac-air was the more desirable machine, and they tried harder. Perhaps nobody wanted the Sony laptop with Linux!


kozmcrae said...

I'm somewhat miffed at the press declaring Linux "hack proof" (sounds too much like "unsinkable"). The hack that brought down the mighty Mac was a cross platform Java hack from what I've read. In other words it would have worked on any of the three systems. The hacker chose the Mac because it was his system of choice. So what is a Linux-only user of 3+ years doing complaining about this? We don't need or want false advertising. Linux is more secure than the other two platforms but malware is ever evolving. I would rather see Linux lose in a fair and even contest than win in a questionable one.

Harold Asmis said...

Not quite, since Day 2 was 'default programs only', and he wanted to get his hands on the baby, and only it was running Safari that day.

Security is really making things tough enough for the bad guys to go on to your neighbours. Perhaps having these guys thinking that it isn't worth hacking Linux is all you really want! And it's best not to gloat, and anger the gods!