Monday, March 31, 2008

3M Command Strips Continued

I just sent this letter, after visiting every 'big box' store around!

Dear Jill, in anticipation of receiving the coupon in some manner, at some time, I set out to search for replacement strips. Did you know that you can't get them anywhere? Even on the internet? In fact, I can't find this product anywhere. I was 'lucky' to get the last one at Rona!

Even if I found some strips somewhere, I fear they will be the last ones, as well. Specifically:

A - they will be a lot more than $5

B - they will be as old as sin, and all dried out

I would suggest that you explore alternatives, such as sending me a replacement set of 8 strips, ripe and juicy, straight from the lab! If you have to go 'up the line' for this, I could provide an internet writing campaign 'Give Harold his Strips!". My blog fans are quite insane! I regret that I cannot return it to the store, since I opened it on Recycle Day. Besides, returning things always gives me anxiety attacks.

Thank you for your efforts so far.


This fun makes up for the money I lost. Here's my Youtube video, where I'm trying to test the new higher resolution. Looks the same to me.


Harbles said...

I know a science guy like you can read and follow instructions but did you;

Wipe down the area with isopropyl alcohol ( not bathroom cleanser )first?

Apply pressure to press the strips on the wall for one minute?

Wait for 1 hour before putting any load on them?

3M instructions

Harold Asmis said...

Hey, I follow instructions, ok? They just sent me a reply, and I don't want to look at it. My anxiety is acting up!