Sunday, December 16, 2007

Real reason CNSC was destroyed

The good thing about reporters is that they get access to politicians. We bloggers wouldn't be caught dead talking to one! Anyway, this article shows that the real reason for passing the Nuclear Fiasco Act, was the simple reason that our glorious MP's wanted their 6 week Christmas break.

So, Merry Christmas to them all, and I hope Santa MDS leaves them something nice in their stockings!


Harbles said...

Ah thank you!

It all makes sense now!

The Mp's did'nt want to mess up their holidays. Who does?

However a new item, why does an American company ( )_ have exclusive rights to maket NRU produced materials?

Follow the money?

Harold Asmis said...

All hail the Beaming Face of Harper! Big money goes in, bigger money goes out.

harbles said...

Ok I lied, their HQ is on Matheson in Mississauga but they are privately owned and on the tse and nyse . ??

Harbles said...

Sorry to be a pest but u live 4 comments so ...

What of this MAPLE project and why is AECL paying MSDS?

Harold Asmis said...

I guess that will be my next 'primer' project. I'm interested in why Maple has screwed up so badly. As for the MDS monopoly, that's Canadian business. MDS is a big lab company in Canada, so I suppose they made an offer a long time ago. I'm guessing that AECL makes very little money, since it is 'non-profit', but the 'flowback' is huge.