Thursday, December 20, 2007

Frying a motherboard

I keep venturing into areas that I shouldn't. I've been turning over the computers lately. I've kept the cases, and other parts that I could salvage, and changing the motherboards. The last time I did it, it went okay, but this new generation has been giving me endless trouble. Still, I have two new latest generation computers that are fantastic.

This last one killed me, though. I'm writing this as therapy, to show what a complete idiot I am, that I'm no threat to the Big Boys, since I can admit I was wrong. I feel so shitty, but writing this is better than taking Lorazepam.

I thought I was ordering the same that I did last time. A new motherboard, a nifty AMD dual 4800, and the memory. But I made a slip in the memory order, and got DDR instead of DDR2! What did I know? Two nearly identical memory systems? When I was putting it together, the fact that I was trying some new multi-focal contact lens conspired against me. Perhaps with my old glasses, and a magnifying glass, I would have seen there was a pin difference!

Anyway, it sort of worked, and then it didn't. Sent it back, and they say the board fried, and they have to send it back to the manufacturer. I feel like bashing my head against the wall! How could I have been so stupid?

Thanks for listening, I feel better.

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