Friday, November 23, 2007

Three gorges dam starts killing people

The landslides have started, and these recent one got a packed bus. This landslide, of course, is nothing compared to the potential of monster slides activated by the headpond. Of course, this always was steep terrain, and always had landslides, but the filling of the reservoir changes the scale, and consequences of monster landslides. The chief social benefit of the dam was to reduce flooding, so in order to do that, they must lower the headpond by 11 m before the rains come. This up-and-down of the water level is the ideal way to tickle landslides!

But, as usual, the main reason for the dam was to keep the communist elite in clover, but generating electricity. This could come to a swift end if a monster landslide causes a monster wave that wipes out the plant!

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