Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Self-serving studies

I'm detecting a rise in the self-serving 'scientific' study. This genre died a slow death at the hands of Microsoft, but now the Media is lapping it up again. As we remember, MS funded all sorts of 'independent' studies, showing how fast, how cheap, how secure Windows was. Eventually, the Media was ridiculed whenever they splashed the results of these, so they gave up.

Now, all sorts of groups are getting in on this, and the Media is all over it again. The latest comes from the Bridge Construction Money Suckers, and says that all the bridges in Ontario are about to collapse, and lots of money has to be funneled to the group! As if they were about to come to any other conclusion!

Another was the recent Port Hope Uranium study. They picked the worst people, and shipped it off to some lab, in the 'hope' of finding a uranium atom. Then the Media splashed it everywhere, for a big hoopla! Would there be any other conclusion?

I think the Traditional Media are in third-stage decline. They never really recovered from Conrad Black...

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