Friday, November 23, 2007

Problems at OPG

In my recent paper, I mentioned how we can only get hints of whether an organization is in the third stage. Unfortunately, my worst fears become true, and this hits me right in the pocket-book. I knew things were bad, when all the politically ambitious people flocked to the Plant Life Assurance division, which I quickly dubbed the Life-style division, because of their parties and free t-shirts. Still, they became my best hope for getting something done, until Gregory Smith jumped, or was pushed. Now, the hope that anything will happen lies on the slim chance they can find a Smith replacement for a tenth the going rate, somebody like Bob Lutz.

In the meantime, they have delayed any decision on the rather hopeless Pickering life-style extension. We can get a hint that Pickering is hopeless because the whole station is dragging down OPG. Of course, I have personal knowledge of that, but nobody would ever believe me how bad it is, so I just shut up.

Now, my hopes lie on the effort to build a new nuclear plant on a tiny postage-stamp piece of land, right beside an active monster-quarry. This effort won't be helped much when they go into the hearings about the Bruce nuclear waste underground hotel. (And it becomes obvious how hopeless that is!).

Still, I enjoy watching, and commenting on the whole mess, and wait my turn to help straighten it out! :)

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