Monday, November 12, 2007

OPG starts to move

Yeah! I see a flicker of hope that we'll have a nuclear plant by the time my future grandkids get old! OPG has bought some extra property out east. But perhaps they just want to grow some tomatoes??

Nov. 9, 2007
OPG has purchased property in Clarington, near the existing Darlington
Nuclear site.
Sixty-one acres of land has been purchased from a private vendor, in the
area of the proposed Clarington Energy Park (near Osbourne and South
Service Roads).
"The site is an appropriate location for possible future needs that OPG
may have for office facilities, in support of the nuclear generation
program in Clarington," said Glenn Temple, OPG's Vice President, Real
Estate Division.
OPG currently operates three nuclear stations in Durham Region - two in
Pickering and one in Clarington. As directed by the Minister of Energy,
OPG has also begun a business case study for potential refurbishment of
the Pickering B station. Environmental assessment work is also underway
for potential new nuclear build at the Darlington site. "As these plans
progress, OPG will finalize a timeline for the development of the land
in support of our projects," said Mr. Temple.
Clarington Mayor Jim Abernethy is pleased with the announcement. "This
is a positive step for Clarington in developing the Clarington Energy
Park. Having OPG establish an aspect of their operations in the Energy
Park is a wonderful fit and is the type of business that our Council and
Staff see as playing an important role in establishing the area as an
energy hub. This announcement will help us to achieve our goal of
expanding our Industrial/Commercial tax base, thus reducing the burden
to the residential taxpayer."
Regional Chair Roger Anderson echoed Mayor Abernethy's thoughts. "OPG is
a strong partner of Durham Region and a valued corporate citizen in our
community. OPG has significantly invested in the energy industry in many
Durham communities. The purchase of this property is a commitment to
their continued investment in the Region and the industry."

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