Friday, November 16, 2007

No money, no place to dispose of dead nuclear plant

One of the essentials for a nuclear plant is to put a bit of money under the mattress for eventual cut-up and disposal. In Canada, this money is a cause for joy and happiness, for world-traveling bureaucrats! But what if somebody raided the kitty, and there was no money?

This seems to have happened in the good old USA, who wants to build more nuclear plants, without cleaning up the mess they already have. Vermont Yankee has a pitiful sum of money (probably all invested in mortgage funds!), to dispose of itself. And there's no place to put it anyway, since Yuk-yuk Mountain hasn't got a prayer! But no worry, they say they're allowed to hang a cheap 'No Trespassing' sign on the radioactive property for 60 years, and 'the money will come'. And all those people worry that Yuk-yuk won't last for a million years, when they are going to have all this scum scattered around the country!

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