Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Computer security

Computer security has always been one of my interests, as well as general Linux-Unix systems. I would love to be offered a job by somebody wanting to get off the Microsoft treadmill, but I'm not pushing it. Like most things, I've generally found that organizations don't really want something that works, but just appears to be working good enough.

I just read quite a few articles on computer security. Seems that malware attacks on compromised web sites is the big thing now. These sleazy sites have found a way to be number one on Google searches, so you must now assume that any site is trying to kill you.

So many of these exploits go into the guts of the unholy alliance of Windows-Explorer incest, that virus checkers are useless. The best way to break this is to use Firefox, which requires a different effort to break.

I do all my secure stuff, and insecure web surfing with Linux, which can't be broken easily (if at all!). I was also interested in reading that XP outperforms Vista in lab tests, but I'm sure they didn't use the typical rat-infested XP setup that is in common use. One person I new (rich people), bought a new fancy laptop, because the old one had completely ground down. But when they took Norton off the old one, it was much faster than the new one!

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