Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Civil engineering chickens come home to roost

Ok, does this look like a real building to you?

Wouldn't a civil engineer say: "This is going to be a real bitch in an ice storm!" Well, the loonies that commissioned this half-collapsed thing, are suing the architects. Citing numerous things that a true arteest would ignore (mold, ice, water, etc), they want their money back!

Of course, they will say they are innocent, stupid victims of a sadistic conspiracy. This might be a bit rich, coming from MIT, but what the hey! (Wait a sec, I know the Dean of Architecture there!)


Eamon Knight said...

That's another "architect builds totally impractical Work Of Art" story to add to my collection -- and I'm not even in the business! (The most famous other one being Montreal's Big-O).

As it happens, my wife is an MIT alum -- wonder if she's heard about this?

monado said...

It looks disorganized and inorganic. Yuck. You're right: sheets of ice from ice storms or merely spring thaws would try to decapitate passers-by.