Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas idea for those with lots of money

Do you know somebody with a fancy Windows laptop that they claim is too slow for the hoggish MS Word? Are they thinking of getting a new laptop with Vista? Save them from wasting money, and let them waste money on something else.

Get the Yoggie Pico (that's a name?) and reinstall a clean XP without software virus protection. Their old laptop will run like the wind, and they will have better security than crappy Vista. Yes people, Linux has advanced so much, that it can hide in a USB key and protect the hapless Windows users. No need to worry that every other Web site has malware. You can even continue to use the deadly Internet Explorer, knowing that you are safe in your Linux cocoon.


monado said...

Sounds interesting! My brother wanted me to install Linux and run Windows under it if I really needed Windows, but his proposed time of two weeks to fine-tune the system didn't compare to Dell's plug & play approach. This one sounds pretty plug & play as well.

Harold Asmis said...

Yeah, running Windows under Linux doesn't work that well. If you are going to use this thing, put on a clean XP without any virus checking. Normally, running XP without virus checking is suicide, but this thing protects it.