Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Asus now all clear with Linux

Asus has released the ridiculously named eeeeeeeeeeepc, which is a sub-notebook running Linux. It's more of a notebook-appliance, and it seems to be popular. I think if you just want to do your Facebook, while sipping coffee at Starbucks, then it is perfect. It might be quite good for high-school students, since they can't type anyway. It will certainly keep you away from the Vista horrors! (and don't ever give them Sims2!).

The other alternative is to pick up old laptops from companies who want to run Vista (ha ha!). Then run Linux on them and they are perfect! I use the generic Debian release, but there are a lot of distributions that make your life easier.

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Ontario Highway Traffic Act said...

Linux is an excellent alternative to windows, especially now that Vista requires you to buy a brand new computer to run it!