Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pigeons destroying US bridges!

No, it's not the fact they haven't hiked their gas tax in 30 years, it's the pigeons!

Right now they are thinking of better ways to deal with those dasterdly birds. That reminds me that there is the most beautiful Pereguine Falcon nest at Young's Point, Ontario. They built a platform on top of the highest power pole, and there are cute little birdies! Betcha they take care of the pesty pigeons!

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DigNature said...

Interesting. Good thing geese aren't attracted to bridges or they'd be dissolving like Kool-Aid in a boiler.

"Meanwhile, the National Transportation Safety Board issued an update on its findings in the collapse Wednesday, saying investigators are looking at whether chemicals used in an automated de-icing system had any corrosive properties."

Um, they didn't mention those were urea-based chemicals...

Actually I came across your site on a Google for "Swamp Gas". Have to go back to that post so as not to cross subjects. Keep up the good work. I mean retirement.

Mpls, MN