Friday, August 31, 2007

Cradle-to-Grave hits Canada's Uranium

Cottage season is winding up. I'm trying to get in some last-minute staining, but mostly I've got the chainsaw running for firewood. All the dock fishies have fled to deeper water.

Saw this article. Seems there's a push to follow the European model, and have the producers of uranium take back the spent fuel. This seems sensible, but Canada will have to do a better job with nuclear waste, than trying to dig it into the Grenville Front!

You can't really put back the spent fuel in the exact same place you dug it up. Saskatchewan has the most horrible uranium pits, with big tailings dams. Ontario mines extract to the last ounce, which causes horrendous rockbursts. By my studies (hidden in earlier posts), the only place for stable underground disposal is under Southern Ontario, between the mega-thrust faults. Try getting that through politics!

Of course, we could charge a 'disposal tax' for our uranium, and put it into a giant fund, controlled by bureaucrats. Then we know, for sure, that everything will be taken care of....

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