Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fun with computers

I did manage to get some fishing in from the dock. The dog gets so excited when I catch rock bass (considered a pest). I throw them on the dock, and she grabs them and takes up on the rock where they usually flop down into the water. Every time she spits them out in total disgust, but can't resist catching them when they flop. Maybe they'll leave the dock and quit eating up all the eggs of the large mouth bass.

I'm leaving the controversial geology behind for now, since I hoisted that flag, and my fear of being shot is gone. (I mean, who cares if they put that stuff in a big pile of earthquake-prone gravel!). I'm recalling the first time I showed up to work, and how I just had to improve the computing there.

They were still trundling up the stairs with a big box of IBM cards. I had to futz with them for a while! The first thing I did was get in a grand old Univac terminal, and good-bye cards! Then we discovered a modem and Compuserve. Boy, if they knew the stuff we did with that! I wasn't satisfied, so I was one of the first on the Internet, setting up a news-server on one of the first technical Sun workstations in Canada. I loved Sun then, before they gave up on us technical people.

This was my main love, running Unix, but I was never smart enough to be a programmer, so I settled as a sysadmin. I had Netscape, and email for everybody, and then the wars came, along with my first depressive episode. The MS-bullies stomped on us like the vermin we were. They destroyed everything, and a couple of years later we got email again. All the smart programmers I knew left the company, but I stayed on, since I had a lot of earthquake stuff to do (one hand taketh, another hand giveth, etc).

Now I'm all into Linux. I have my own system, and everybody else in the family has MS, because of the games! I'm happy, and I do some infrastructure analysis for the spoose, but all those medical facilities are MS! For some reason, I'm not getting depressive, since nobody is out to kill me anymore. :)

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