Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Deep

The fish around my dock are well trained not to take anything with a hook. I had tried many times with a worm on a hook, and they would never take it. After a frustrating time, I would throw in the worm, and see it instantly taken! Of course, I had caught most of them when they were young and threw them back.

To get a real look at the dock fish, you have to descend with a snorkel. It's a different world, and the fish look at you with great indifference (some of them are quite big!).

I remember another time I descended into another world. It was early 80's and we arranged a tour of a mine which had suffered a large rockburst. We clambered over the large chunks of rock which had been thrown right across the chamber! Never did I feel so weird and have such respect for the power of the earth!

Here is a picture of one section. I realized that rockbursts and earthquakes were the same thing, and so I worked to unite the mechanics behind them.

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